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Was The Military Regime of Ethiopia better than TPLF-EPRDF???

Post by Democrat » 15 May 2019, 15:47

In retrospect, Dergue was patriotic and nationalistic. It was better than TPLF in many ways. But Dergue also backstabbed Ethiopia by givining away Djubiti to be independent. Ethiopians are really unlucky people. Wehave stupid leaders.

TPLF was a killer organisation and was serving Egypt's interests. This you could argue is tactical. I think it was not tactical. TPLF killed Ethiopian students who demonstrate against Eritrea's secession from Ethiopia.

TPLF landlocked Ethiopia. This will haunt Tigrayans for generations to come. Tigrayans could be discriminated and not allowed to work in diplomatic missions or in the military for theses reasons. The people of Tigray do not oppose TPLF fpr landlocking Ethiopia.

The DErgue was fascitic and was killing youth infront of thie parents. Young Ethioopians were killed for being a member of one of the political organisations. Because Dergue is seen as black chapter in our history. TPLF is also the same as Dergue. They killor disadvantage people who oppose them, though not in front of their parents en masse. Meles Zenawi killed mothers in front their husbands or children for oppsing him. Stupid and idiot banda was Meles Zenawi!!