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Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 12:41
by Zmeselo
Yemane G. Meskel (@hawelti) Tweeted:

Eritrea: Workshop convened today at Asmara Expo Premises, to commemorate National Reafforestation Day. Jointly organized by Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry & Wild Life Authority, overarching theme of Conference is: "Let us Ensure that our Children, Inherit a Secure Environment"

Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 15:27
by Zmeselo

Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 18:17
by Zmeselo

Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 19:45
by Zmeselo
Ghideon Musa (@GhideonMusa) Tweeted:

One of the pearls of the Tigrinya literature the novel “ወርቅሃ” by the prominent Eritrean writer Musa Aron is translated and published into Russian, by the semitologist Yaroslav Gutgarts.This is the first Tigrinya literary work translation, into Russian.


Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 21:38
by Zmeselo
Healthy & respectfull discussion amongst Eritreans of different viewpoints, about the future of their country.

By: Tesfanews

May 24 is only 9 days away and there are reasons to believe that this year's Independence Day is special, than most Independence Days we celebrated in the last two decades. Having said that, this is what I believe and expect to hear on this year's Independence Day Speech:

Whatever positive message our gov't had in store, it has to be announced on this year's May 24 independence day speech. The timing is RIGHT and our people need SOMETHING to hear, that can uplift their optimism and aspiration.

It could be about major development projects (tangible, not empty promises) or the lifting of the decade old Emergency Decree. It could be about the constitution, or anything in between.

It's my understanding that the time has now changed, and changed in our favour. So it's natural for the people to expect something DIFFERENT this time from our gov't, than any-other time in the past trying years.

Many, including myself, are not ready to listen anything other than 'something' SPECIAL and NEW on May 24, 2019.

Once again, it's all about timing.

NOTE: Anyone can disagree with me on this but that's what I believe is needed, right now.

Some of the responses:

Laleylaley- Tesfanews

I totally agree with you. But that won't happen.

Remember that the president for (the first time ever?) actually didn't do a second round of interview.

Hopefully, we'll at best receive some kind of progress report on development projects during autumn, I think.

Alem Mehari- TesfaNews

I couldn´t agree more brother.

Happy independence anniversary!

EritreanAmerican- TesfaNews

Thanks Tesfanews. lf the gov is not upto change, lt is inevitable.

My greatest fear is not that the off-position would win, if we dont react quick.This is not to imply, that PIA is not a dictator. He realy is! But at least he has kept the nation intact, in a burning horn/Middle East. And because l feel no good comes, from the off-position. l basically stand for reform, within pfdj. Would PIA dare do it? Pessimistic, but lets see our May is not far. We have been called names on this site for years for just expressing our views, triggered by patriotism. Hope our heros show us a miracle- handing power to Warsay, under their mentorship.

Awet n'hafash!

Lalmba- TesfaNews

Nobody should disagree with your expectation dear brother - for it is the expectation of the overwhelming majority of the Eritrean people. As you correctly stated, we have been wallowing nonchalantly about many important issues for we believed our government was in an unenviable position throughout its existence, because of our enemies' myriad and evil machinations. Now, while we can not say our enemies are rolling dead, it is a safe and reasonable expectation that our government tells us some CONCRETE action taken or are being taken (NOT will be taken), to alleviate the suffering of our honest and hard working people.

To start with:

1) While the "Constitution" may not be the panacea of all our ills, it is a good starting point. When, will it be made public? The date of its implementation, has now taken more than 4 years of "drafting" an ALREADY ratified product?

2) When will the Eritrean National Service participation be LIMITED to 18 months, as long as we are not in a state of war?

3) When will the imprisoned politicians see their day in court, or UNCONDITIONALLY be set free?

4) Finally, when will Ethiopia implement the withdrawal of its forces who have been illegally occupying our territories, now that it has been almost a year since it stated it would abide by the EEBC decision? More significantly, to me anyway, why is our government numb and deafeningly silent, about this critical issue? This is not the time to state the usual: "ትም ዝበልና - ትም ክንብል ስለዝመረጽና ኢና"።

Not acceptable!

ራኢ- Lalmba

TN, Lalmba and all compatriots:

እንታይ'ዩ እቲ ልዕሊ'ዚ ብ Charge d'affair, ኣቶ ብርሃነ ገብሪሂወት ዝተዋህበ ዝርዝራውን እዋናውን መግለጺ ኣብ መዓልቲ ነጻነትና ትጽበይዎ? ክውንነት/ወድዕነት ከ ኣለዎ ድዩ? ዘይጭበጥ ቃል ምዝራብን ምስማዕን ከ ተግባራውነትን ኣለዎ ድዩ? መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ካብ ክውንነት ኤርትራ ዝሓብኦ ስዉር ነገራት ኣሎ ድዩ? ጉድለት እምነት ድዩ ዋላስ ዘይምትእምማን ኣብ ልዕሊ መንግስቲ'ዩ ዘዛርባናን ዘሻቕለናን ዘሎ?

wedinakfa- ራኢ

I hear you loud and clear brother Raee.


Why the urgency?

Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 21:42
by Zmeselo


Presentazione a Roma di 'Mother Eritrea': il romanzo di Daniel Wedi Korbaria.

Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 21:49
by Zmeselo

Helen Tewolde announced as Director of Policy and Programs

May 8, 2019 ... ji1232NxL8

Helen Tewolde

The Law Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce Helen Tewolde has joined as its Director of Policy and Programs.

Ms Tewolde brings more than a decade of management experience developing research, programs, and partnerships related to access to post-secondary education and employment. Most recently she was Senior Researcher and Manager at Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). Prior to that Ms Tewolde was Manager of Program and Partnership Development at George Brown College. She has also held management positions at the Council of Educators of Toronto, City of Toronto and United Way Toronto.

Ms Tewolde has served on a wide range of local and international initiatives and boards of directors, including the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Eritrean Youth Collective, European Access Network, and the Couchiching Institute of Public Affairs.

Ms Tewolde attended McMaster University for Hons. B.A. and OISE/UT for an M.A. in Theory and Policy Studies in comparative, international, and development education. She holds a certificate in Executive Non-Profit Management from the Stanford University School of Business. She was a 2015 Vital People Award winner, 2011 DiverseCity Fellow, and Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award winner from the University of Toronto.

The Foundation’s Director of Policy and Programs develops and implements granting activities within its access to justice objectives, supports and manages relationships with grantees, justice sector organizations and other funders, and provides leadership to staff.

About The Law Foundation of Ontario

Established by statute in 1974, The Law Foundation of Ontario is the sole foundation in Ontario with the mandate of improving access to justice. Through granting and collaboration, the Foundation invests in knowledge and services that help people understand the law and use it to improve their lives.

Re: Eritrea: National Reforestation Day.

Posted: 15 May 2019, 22:06
by Zmeselo
ERi-TV Kids: Artist Haile Natti, Teaching Kunama Culture Through His Music