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Ethiopia needs to develop it's economy by force - the rest is history!

Post by Democrat » 14 May 2019, 17:32

We need first to develop the manufacturin sector like South Korea. And the world will respect us. There is no need for democracy as per text book. We need only a government that is bent to develop the economy. TPLF-EPRDF was the right group. They were corrupt, but it does not matter as long as they are developing the economy.

We have about 40 universities in Ethiopia now. That is not too bad. We need to equip these the universities with the best equipment so that our youth gets the discipline they need to help themselves and their country. They say TPLF-EPRDF was corrupt from KG to university, where students get good pass marks by bribingor threatening teachers. They say TPLF-EPRDf has turned itself as enemy of Ethiopia. But on the other hand, we see major projects which have changed Ethiopia's future.
Corruption could be fought through laws and regulation. The authorities who are corrupt could be replaced as they did in china. Some could be killed .

All in all, we need to go back to the developmental state and work towards developing the economy. We should selective in allowing investors to invest on pur [deleted]. I feel we are greedy and we want the money. But this very greed about taking the money investors offer without opposing to some of thier devious plans is our greatest weakness. We should not give land for free to groups which will harm our country etc.

I think with some adjustment and correctio, Ethiopia is better to use the developmental state model like China and South Korea. This means vast tracts of land should not be given to foreign countries. Agriculture should be in the hands of Ethiopians. Only the manufacturing sector shouls be given to some companies from other countries.