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Ethiopia should not allow Eritrea to destroy it's future! No re-unification with Eritrea!

Posted: 14 May 2019, 08:49
by Democrat
Eritreans are nomads in the main. They have no roots. Some naive ethiopian groups want to unite Eritrea with Ethiopia. This should be aoided as it will bring more insecurity to Ethiopians as they will a population that sees itself as slaves.

Eritreans are anti-Tigray and yet they live in Tigray. Eritreans are anti-Amhara and oromo. They use Ormo and amhara as long as they are anti-Ethiopia.

Ethiopia should not work with Eritrea. Eritrea should be seen as an alien country and import/exports should be done in hard currency.
Ethiopians should sell their products in Europe or Africa with the aim of getting aximum profit.
To do this Ethopia should avoid Eritrea. Eritrea is a problem to Ethiopia and should be avoided.