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Eritrean populist orators of post wwll

Post by Telomerase » 13 May 2019, 15:40

This is personal observation.
Leaders that can arouse with emotionally delivered populist speech win the people's heart. For instance, Abraham Lincoln's Gettisberg Speech comes as one of the best speech that aroused the people's in history. What is amazing about that is, he wrote the speech himself. In Eritrea, Woldeab Woldemariam had that kind of calibur. He mastered Tigrigna literature and taught it to others. What ever you think of Dr. Bereket, he was the student of Woldeab Woldemariam. Woldeab was an excellent populist orator. Unfortunately, he lived in a world of danger to a far distant generation. Ibrahim Sultan was a great speaker too. He did not write much for us to analyze the great mind that he had in his generation. Kebire was another greatness. Idris Awate was a man of his words. He fought the Brits all by himself when he decided to destroy Supermarine Spitfire sitting in aqordat, Eritrea. He started armed struggle with a couple borrowed guns. No recorded populist speech exists.But, he courage is a testament the kind of bold populist leader he was. Osman Saleh Sabe was the greatest Eritrean diplomat in history. He was the engine behind military weapons acquisition to the struggle. Ibrahim Affa, Mesfin Hagos, and Petros Solomon were great military strategists and won unthinkable military warefare respectively. Abraham Tewolde is another mystery who was a great leader of his time. Durue had a great mind, and he was very friendly. Sheriffo, I don't know much but he was a tough guy. Youngsters are fortunate to hear Bitweded Abraha and his populist intense patriotic speech on the net. Arefaine Abrehe is another
fearless patriotic and a straight shooter , like what every Eritreans should be. President Isayas led the struggle. There is no contraversy about that. He has a great following. He is a populist without emotionally derived speech. He is kind of cold, but you can't blame him for not arousing loyal following . Chiffra weyane speech is one example that hit its mark. It would have been great to see him seeking the presidency through democratic process, but he is a product of the Chinese revolution. He is a socialist when socialism is a thing of the past. That is just my opinion. I hope we discuss with convincing argument like civilized people that we are.