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Addis Ababa is changing fast for good..and destined to live up to its that TPLF thieves are gone

Post by Za-Ilmaknun » 13 May 2019, 13:58

"Sheger Grand Dinner, which will gather do-gooders willing to fork five million birr for a plate to help rehabilitate rivers in the city, will be hosted on May 19 at the Hall of Atse Menelik II Palace.

The program will start at 3 pm by visiting the historical compound that was closed to the public since its establishment but when PM Abiy Ahmed came to power, he stated that, after renovation, he would open the historical Atse Menelik II Palace, which is on the same compound of the PM office and residence, to the general public and tourists.
Currently, the renovation work is ongoing and should be open to visitors around the beginning of the next Ethiopian New Year in September, 2019.

Currently, renovation work at the old Menelik Palace and establishing recreation parks, a zoo, a kids’ playground area and other facilities is in progress. The coming World Economic Forum on Africa 2020 is also expected to be held in the over a century old Menelik Palace Hall." ... on-may-19/