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Ethiopia : Issa aggressions on increase in Afar region

Post by MINILIK SALSAWI » 13 May 2019, 11:30

"Indian Ocean newsletter about Issa aggression and Djibouti Role in the Region"

Indian Ocean Newsletter
Issa aggressions on increase in Afar region
The Djiboutian authorities are failing to stem Issa raids against the Afars of Ethiopia. And Addis Ababa seems little inclined to intervene…
On 30 April, an Afar youth movement called Xukko Cina (‘unbowed in the face of oppression' in Afar) demonstrated in Samara, Awash and Asaita in Afar National Regional State to protest against Issa aggressions that they claim are being backed by the Djiboutian regime. That same evening in the face of losses sustained by the Djiboutian army and coastguards, Ismail Omar Guelleh, who was just back from China, held a crisis meeting with his army top brass. As the Indian Ocean Newsletter revealed in early April, Colonel Mohamed Djama Doualeh of the Republican Guard and the chief of staff of the Forces armees djiboutiennes (FAD), General Zakaria Cheikh Ibrahim, both of whom are Issa/Mamassan, had urged for soldiers to be dispatched to defend the Issas of Ethiopia (ION 1495).

On 26 and 27 April, Afar civilians were murdered on the Gawani-Awash road and the federal army arrested 26 people in Garmudi. On 28 April, nearly 500 people equipped with means of communication attacked Ya'ado, Fulto,'Ado, ‘Ela, Lakora and Fi'alu and then moved on to Gamoyta the following day. Dozens of people were left dead or wounded. Xukko Cina has called on the new regional leaders to deploy all necessary means to protect the local population, the federal army having so far remained passive in the face of these attacks. This youth movement played an important role in ousting the previous pro-Tigrayan leadership of the ANRS - the chairman of the Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP), Seyoum Awal Aydahis, and his deputy Hassan Abdulkader Barkat
Ismail Omar Guelleh solicits more arms still

Ismail Omar Guelleh (IOG) and his regime seem to have become obsessed with arms purchases. IOG has renewed his request to Saudi Arabia to finance the acquisition of military equipment, but Riyadh appears to be dragging its feet under the influence of the United Arab Emirates, which has ceased all relations with Djibouti (ION 1403). During his visit to China that concluded on 28 April, IOG asked the Chinese to honour their promise to supply Djibouti with arms as agreed when they set up their military base in the country in May 2015. But Beijing seems to be reluctant to cede to the Djiboutian request and has sent no positive signals to IOG. Indeed, it has not granted him any further grace period for paying off outstanding loans. The national police force has placed an order for bazookas as well as for Kalashnikov rifles. ... rt?CXT=PUB