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The Ethiopian food problem is man-made problem created by government

Post by Ethwar » 13 May 2019, 01:36

If Israel with small land and in constant wars can feed its entire population and export food abroad then how come Ethiopia with huge arable land still imports food. Its government lack of will and I hope Abiy Ahmed intervenes and the government should help small farmers in acquiring knowledge, GMO seeds and much needed equipment.

What if we increase our current yields 8x or 10x.

What if Ethiopia produces enough food to feed 500 million people?

Ethiopia has the power to feed 1 billion people if efficiency is increased.

1. Irrigation
2. Fertilizers
3. Equipment
4. Knowledge

The government should have a 10 year goal to increase food production 6x what it's today because making sure every Ethiopian has cheap food to eat is truly the best thing a leader can do to change the lives of poor Ethiopians.