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How to make Ethiopia the bread-basket of Africa?

Posted: 13 May 2019, 01:32
by Ethwar
Great news this week as we heard that Ethiopia is getting rid of taxes on farm equipment and other investments. The great question is why are farmers still using ox and planting seeds by hands.

1. Loan farmers the best equipment with 5% percent interest and setup a payment plan in terms of 20 years spread out monthly.
2. Help small farmers develop irrigation systems.
3. Convert Ethiopia into GMOs and make sure we have seeds that are capable of growing and adapting to climate change.

The results is that you reap rewards.

The farmer will increase his or her yield by 3x or even 5x because Ethiopian farmers today are using terrible methods.

What will happen??

Ethiopia will have millions of pounds of more food than it needs therefore we will start exporting or turning it into products by processing it in agro plants.