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Ethiopian Airlines must start new orders in next few months

Post by Ethwar » 12 May 2019, 23:02

Airplanes take years to be built and delivered so always stay ahead and the company is currently receiving one new aircraft every 4 weeks and it needs to maintain and exceed this. It needs to order 100-120 aircraft in the month.

We need to add new aircraft into the order and especially Airbus.

I'm advising on adding these aircraft to our fleets.

"50" Airbus A321Neo
"30" Airbus A220s
"45" Airbus A350s
"30" 787 dreamliners
"35" 777x

Remember airline companies are on waiting list before they can acquire their aircraft so think ahead.

For long-haul flights, get more of the Boeing 787s dream-liners and Boeing 777x and Airbus