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Abe Abraham
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ምኽሪ ንተስፋጽዮን ዘ-ኣግኣዝያንን ኮርዒዳ ኣዳምን ኣሕዋት ሰብ እስራኤል

Post by Abe Abraham » 26 Apr 2019, 16:56

ምኽሪ ንተስፋጽዮን ዘ-ኣግኣዝያንን ኮርዒዳ ኣዳምን ኣሕዋት ሰብ እስራኤል

ኣብ ተቕርብዎ መደባትኩም በጃኩም እዛ " ብጣዕሚ " ትባሃል ቃል ኣይትጠቀምዋ ። "ብጣዕሚ " ( በጣም ብኣምሓርኛ ) ኣብ ቋንቋና ዋላ ሓንቲ ትርጉም የብላን ። ኣብ ክንዳኣ ከም በዓል " ኣዝዩ " " ምሒር " ...
ዝኣመሰላ ቃላት ኣለዋኹም ።

" ብጣዕሚ " ሱቕ ኢላ ኣብ ኣፍካ ስለ ትለግብ ካብኣ ንክትጋላገሉ ከም ትብርትዓኩም ይርድኣኒ እዩ ኮይኑ ግን ዝከኣለኩም ምስ ትገብሩ ከም ትዕወቱላ ጥርጥር የብለይን ። ኣሳልጦ !!

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Re: ምኽሪ ንተስፋጽዮን ዘ-ኣግኣዝያንን ኮርዒዳ ኣዳምን ኣሕዋት ሰብ እስራኤል

Post by eden » 26 Apr 2019, 17:07

ብጣዕሚ (በጣም ብኣምሓርኛ )
ኣዝዩ (እጅግ ብኣምሓርኛ)

በጣም is the most abused word. People use it whenever their vocabulary fails them and they don't even mean it.

Halafi Mengedi
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Re: ምኽሪ ንተስፋጽዮን ዘ-ኣግኣዝያንን ኮርዒዳ ኣዳምን ኣሕዋት ሰብ እስራኤል

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 26 Apr 2019, 17:25

The problem is Amharic is driven from Tigrigna and Amhara use pure Tigrigna words and when a Tigrayans use it some people think it is Amharic because Amharu use it too. The last 27 years many Tigrigna words are being used by Amhara ethnic and others as Amharic words too. Example Chibti, Aite and many others I hear new Tigrigna became Amharic without twisted or changed.

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Re: ምኽሪ ንተስፋጽዮን ዘ-ኣግኣዝያንን ኮርዒዳ ኣዳምን ኣሕዋት ሰብ እስራኤል

Post by Temt » 26 Apr 2019, 17:38

Yes indeed. Unfortunately, many people use it. But still, it is a wrong word in Tigrigna! Like what Abe's and eden's above posts state, without repeating what they correctly observed, the word "ብጣዕሚ" is used (abused) by many Tigrigna speakers. Let me give you an example by looking at the following statement:

"ኣብረሀት ብጣዕሚ ሓሚማ ኣላ"።

The above statement is supposed to express Abrehets serious sickness. But unfortunately, it is stating the woman is sick because of a luxurious lifestyle. In other words, "ጣዕሚ" is luxury or the state of wellness. So how can the lady be "Sick" because of wellness?
As alluded above, the word "ጣዕሚ" was stolen from Amharic "በጣም"፡ which is an adjective meaning "Very". Its Tigrigna equivalent could be any of the following adjectives: "ኣዝዩ/ኣዝያ"፡ "ምሒር"፡ "እምብዛ"፡ "ኣመና" ወዘተ። I have also heard some people speak/write the word "እምበረመጠን"፡ which means the same as those listed above.

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