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Agames are eying for Eritrea’s land and begging to have Visas

Post by Abaymado » 26 Apr 2019, 04:33

To my understanding, Eritrea is not only about tigreans but it is all about all other ethnics. Tigres who are completely different from tigreans, have Muslim background and possessing largely chunk of Eritrea’s land. Contrary to that, tigreans in Eritrea especially hamasens are confined to limited area. The ports of Eritrea are not located located in the lands of tigreans in Eritrea.

The tigreans in the south (Ethiopia) is salivating to control and invade the lands of other ethnics in Eritrea. They are dreaming to possess the ports of massawa and assab. This is all about money and driven not by intention of unity or love affairs.

To their desperation, some tigreans go to the level to ask Eritrea’s authorities to give them visa for agames. This is the end of desperation. Considering the fact that the relationship between different ethnics in tigray is souring, uniting eritreans with tigray will open up another bitter struggle between diffferent ethnics. To the end, the situation will become unpredictable in the future for agames. Since the current situation of tigreans are in dire situations, it is expected to seek Eritrea’s assistance. But it is expecetd agames will open another tension in Eritrea by dividing and marignalizing ethnics regions by regions.

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Re: Agames are eying for Eritrea’s land and begging to have Visas

Post by Telomerase » 26 Apr 2019, 04:51

Agame boy,

You are giving yourself away. :P Tigrayans are Ethiopians. They occupy the region called Tigray. Are you with me ? :lol: In Eritrea, we have Eritrean sub population called Tigrigna. Got it ? Goodness gracious, we do not have kilil in Eritrea. We have administrative zones. The whole country is a community property owned by every Eritrean. Now, stop showing your ignorance for all to see.

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