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Re: Gebre-Kirstos Abbay [Your “Oromo Complex, as Terminal Cancer to Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s Government” article is big lie!]

Post by AbebeB » 25 Apr 2019, 10:10

Each elements of your subject embedded in your article published on is a big lie. Unfortunately, the web page is substandard known to publish any jargon going against Oromo nation. The site accepts and publishes any fraud articles without scholarly and morally evaluating if the content goes against any nation’s (typically the Oromo nation) rights and benefits other than that of habesha people. In fact that is typical character of most habesha outlet media, but this being extreme of the group.

Anyways, without going into each elements of the subject you raised, which are redundant and same fabricated lie over the era of co-existence of Oromo nation with habesha people since the latter immigrated to the horn of Africa.

In short, exactly the opposite of what you said in this article about the Oromo cause and interest is true!

Link: ... overnment/