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Re: ተስፋዬ ገብረአብ ምላሽ ሰጠ - "የቡርቃ ዝምታ ኦፒዲኦ/ኦዲፒ የወያኔ አገልጋይ መሆኑን ነው የሚያሳየው"

Post by present » 24 Apr 2019, 20:57

Yes Tigray people and Amara people are the same. All this mess will clear away!

But remember, if you see an Amara angry at tigray, blame people like halafi and tplf rats hiding in mekele. All Amara are peace loving people. You know them since you were a kid. They are really good people. I know you know that
Degnet wrote:
24 Apr 2019, 16:02
present wrote:
23 Apr 2019, 09:38
Well then this is not a fake news then

Revelations wrote:
23 Apr 2019, 08:37
When you write some thing like this present,I start to hope in you/hulum sikeznu ayeh? Wello ye Tigray gorebet mehon eko kelal aydelem,ye kerew ahya new

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