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Why is OLF such a brand? What is the secret?

Post by Axumawi » 17 Apr 2019, 18:46

Two OLF parties united today. The leaders are known people to Ethiopians, but the parties, one among which I have never heard before.

OLF Unity party...I believe Gen. Kemal was member as well. Leader/rep Aba Naga Jarra

OLF -transitional...Galasa Dilbo

The name of the united party was not announced.

Then there is OLF, OLF-ILO..etc.

Who owns the name OLF Limut as registered in Ethiopia, Europe or America
It was OLF that was registered in the 90s in Ethiopia, but is it stll registered the same?

For Example group led by Ayte Iyasu Alemayehu owns others habe EPRP-Decomcrat..etc.