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It would have been already good enough, if we could just clean our streets modestly before trying to bundle unrelated

Post by DefendTheTruth » 15 Apr 2019, 15:35

If we could just clean our streets modestly before trying to bundle unrelated tasks.

Many towns and cities in the country, including, if not specially, the capital city of the country suffer under a high burden of being dirty. It is not a minor accomplishment, if we could just mobilize enough the public and sensitize the impact of dirt on the wellbeing of the residents so that we can make our streets and towns/cities more attractive and more livable (bearable). Before we accomplish this important task we have already jumped into another mission and bundled it with cleaning “zeregninet”, as if this “dirtiness” can also be swept that easily from the minds and hearts of its bearer with the same simple broom the volunteers used to clean the streets.

First of all it should be abundantly clear to those who came up with this initiative that a tool we have in the hand should be adequate for the task that we wish to accomplish. “Zeregninet” was built and sustained by means of political means and its eradication will also need political means, not a simple broom used to clean the streets. This phenomenon was built and sustained over many years, perhaps many decades now, it had a free ride in the country for the last at least 27 years of TPLF led government, have now entrenched itself well and it can’t be cleaned over night or in the short street cleaning sessions of the volunteers of the places where the cleaning action took place, and certainly not by a means of the broom these volunteers had in their hands.

Before solving a problem there should come the proper appraisal of the problem and as such and it seems to me someone is not yet really ready to see how serious the problem could get, if not handled properly and in due time, here there seems to be an underestimation.

If the appraisal indicates the problem is indeed serious, then we also don’t have time to spend any longer and more importantly we could fail even in our effort to clean our streets and loses on both ends. More caution and proper planning are needed, in my view, while trying to bundle tasks which are not nearly lie in the same category.