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Breaking News: Terrorist-Tigray-Tplf R Attacking Z University Based Right Activist Leader Nebiyu Sihuel!!! WEEY GUUD !!!

Post by tarik » 15 Apr 2019, 09:13

■|● ሰበር ዜና •|• NEWS + Analysis ●●●●••○

Ethiopia, Tigrai Region Rulers Attacked the University Based Right Wing Activist Group, Including their Leader Leacture Nebiyu Shuel (Pictured Below), and Imprisoned Many of Them When they Gathered for Meeting in Sub-Urban KuHa, in 13 April, 2019.

Regional security force ordered by the frustrated regional administrators to violate him physically and mentally, and some eye witnessed he was heavily attacked and in critical situation while he was bleeding badly.

The young charismatic Leacture Nebiyu Shuel is now arbitrary disappeared and detained lengthened for 72hrs until now with no clear information to his family and group.

Newly born Tigrain leader is managed to creat a large University based youngest political movement against the "Fired Marxist Archaic Offshoot TPLF" where removed by the Addis Abeba new administration.

Latest statements made by Tigrai regional dictatorship's declaration is mainly said, those all movement within the region against their rule is "Banda" translated "Mercenary", immaterial of whether licensed group/mass or not. The declaration is extremely against the federal law enforcement supporting to create a wide range of democratic space and engagement. A weeks before the official declaration, the chairman of TPLF Dr. Debretions G/michael officially contumely "Banda" to the "Endrta" based public protest against his absence of rule and social justice.

The fired gangs now practicing a very dangerous political infrastructure within the region, where based in ethnic and clan classification, following their master of evil act, they used to rule the whole Ethiopia in the previous couple of decades. Ethnicity vertical polarization of one people enabled the criminal rulers to have enough time and resources to stay in power.

The political situation now in Tigrai is changing like a runners at marathon. At least three feasible political group working against the old despotic regime are now verified clearly. But the TPLF gang intimidation, discrimination, character assassination is continued by the paid "Cadres" and "Liyu Force" so-called a regional security force.

The first one is the licensed political party, called ARENA party, leaded by Adi Grat University staff member Abraha Desta. They are more categorized by a "Reformatory" political principle, and highly pro the federal government.

The second is, the Right Wing University based Group, leaded by Lecturer Nebiyu Shuel. Also they are more characterized by "Revolutionary" political position, highly against the TPLF dynasty. They are basically believe on "The fired old rulers cannot ensure the Tigrai's peace and interest within and outside Ethiopia, despite their profile is degradated and a party with no self-esteem, principle, and dignity. The group are now mobilized the University students and graduated personals but unemployed, and still now they have neither any political engagement with the federal, nor the country's parties.

Third are a "Secret Group" with no where base and source of motive, but shocked the region with Teronod staggered propaganda through network and one-one ground communication. Their campaign is far beyond even against their neighbor government of Eritrea, more looks like a pro neo-Ethiopian imperialist.

It is confirmed now, soon after change within the region will outbreak, and if it is managed, a 100% percent peace will contemplate for final and forever. ... -deijE.gif
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