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Somali should be the kilil language of Gallas... We have given them the freedom & we can revoke anytime

Post by TembienLiberation » 15 Apr 2019, 07:50

If not for the Amhara peoples resistance and overturn of the Italian invasion, Galla and Tigre would have been influenced by Italy as Eritreans today. Instead of being thankful for the equality and freedom we gave them, today, Galla-Tigre took all the leadership in Addis Ababa and yet claim for Amhara-Gurage people to live as the second citizen in their own building and on their own roads....

Truelly speaking what Gallas contributed to build the buetiful Addis Ababa except pulling their donkey on the streets of Amhara-Gurage-Tigre made asphalte. We were to polite to let them walk in Addis with their Gim-Bootii and Faandia. Now they want to claim the buety we have created---- "siamrish yikir"
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