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Is Abiy 21st Century Hatse Menelik, Hatse Yohannes or Hatse Tedros

Post by Axumawi » 15 Apr 2019, 00:36

The main difference between the two Emperors is:

Hatse Tedros was anti-kingdoms, anti warlords, anti clergy, anti landlords and he completely disrupted everything.

Hatse Yohannes restored almost everything Hatse Tedros had destroyed. Kingdoms, Sultanates, Clergy. He even brought the South under Negus Menelik by sending Ras Allula. The only thing he continued from Hatse Teklegiorgis is crown rule. Hatse Teklegiorgis main weakness was he did neither continue where Hatse Tedros left off or restore what Hatse Tedros had destroyed.

Hatse Menelik was not anti anybody, he built on what was before him. Example: of all the kingdoms and sutanates before his time he only destroyed one Afar Sultanate. Even that he tried to set it up unsuccessfully. He changed allies and enemies from outside completely.

Abiy seems more like Hatse Menelik

Build on what EPRDF did
Change some kingdoms and sultanates that do not fit
Change foreign allies and enemies completely - Who would have thought a year ago that Ethiopia would be a banan sultanate?