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We should remeber Engineer Semegnew Bekele - who assassinated by PM Abiy Ahmed and Eritrea

Post by Democrat » 14 Apr 2019, 23:36

We should remmeber and observe the day Engineer Semegnew Bekele was assassinated. It should be seen the day Ethiopia fell onto the hands of traitors and cheaters led by Lemma and Abiy. Assassinating citizens working for their country has no justification what soever. Abiy ahmed should be impeached for this crime and the parliament is approving the assassination of Engineer Semgnew Bekels, who was CEO of The Nile Dam Project or GERD.

On the day, 26th july 2018, Engineer Semegnew Bekele was killed, Abiy Ahmed and his henchmen were celebrating in one of the american cities, where Tamagne Bekele and many others showered the new PM with praised. Even Tamagne Bekele humbled himself by kissing the PM's shoes, a tradition in Ethiopia which is done to people whom we honour and respect ( chldren kiss the foot of their grand fathers , others and fathers or the feet of the patriach or the king).

Had Tamagne Beyene the sinister plans of PM Aiy Ahmed to assassinate Engineer Smegnew Bekele, he would not have humuliated himself in such a way. Abiy Ahmed should be removed from power and brought to justice.