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With or without TPLF , Tigray will be a developed economy!

Post by Democrat » 14 Apr 2019, 15:39

The Tigray people do not care what happens to TPLF. The Tigray people should focus on building their economy. In fact, TPLF is an eritrean group and it's removal from power by Addis Ababa or Asmara is a blessing.Tigray should also avoid the Aregawi Berhe's our day. Such groups as Democratic Movement of Tigray ( eritrean stooges) should not be allowed and should be brought to justice.

TPLF is irreparably damaged. It's family based rule of Tigray should end as these families are exploiting our econmy by controlling the natural resources as as land. They also control the banks and other financial centres. We need to demolish TPLF as they are against our development.

The family of Sibhat Nega is an eritrean stooge and should be removed from power. Most members of the leadership of TPLF are from Eritrea, which mans they have divided loyality to Tigray and Ethiopia as blood is thicker than water. However, most Eritreans who were mebers of the central committee of TPLF has served Tigray in good faith. But there were someissues and there will be some issues in the future regarding Eritrea and teh eritreans controlling TPLF stand against Tigray and Ethiopia. We should remove them from power by disbanding TPLF in total and electing a new leadership from the people of Tigray as during the First Woyane days. Tigrean political elites should clandestinely organise to avoid any pwoer vaccuum that would harm Tigray.

Tog Wajale
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Re: With or without TPLF , Tigray will be a developed economy!

Post by Tog Wajale » 14 Apr 2019, 16:40

Brother Son Of Dedebit Woorgach Agga*me Tigriayan Prostitute Who*re Mother 《 Democrat 》:---- Dreaming & Wishing Is A Different Things, But Make It Happening Is Different Things. At Least With Your Reserve Lies Off Sacks Elaborate To The Dedebit Woorgach Agga*me Tigriayan People & To All Ethiopian, How Your Stagnant Economy Will Grow Or Develop It As You Said It.

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Re: With or without TPLF , Tigray will be a developed economy!

Post by present » 14 Apr 2019, 17:07

Well, even the hard core tplf cadres like democrat are dropping tplf like a hot potato. Viva Anderta Ethiopians. Viva Tembien Ethiopians!! choking tplf to death

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