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The Housing Question in Tigray, Ethiopia

Post by Democrat » 14 Apr 2019, 15:01

There is a dire need to accomodate the people of Tigray in decent homes. TPLF has not made this issue as their priority. TPLF boss Debretsion said that Tigray cannot build homes for every one. This is far from true. Tigray should build a home for evey tigrean age 18 and above. It might take some time, but we should be able to provide a home for every one in Tigray.

This should be one of the priorities of TPLF dominated government in Tigray. Decent home construction should be part of the infrastructure building in Tigray. By building modern flats and houses we make investing in Tigray more attractive. There should be affordable homes for the majority of the population in Tigray.

To provide affordable homes, we need to allocate land at cheap lease rates.The aim should to enable to meet the accomodation need of the population, not to make profits.
As it looks now, land is more expensive in Mekele City than in Addis Ababa . This should not be allowed.

Land should be given only to the people of Tigray. Foreigners should not be allowed to buy any land unless they are investing for factories. Foreigners can buy or rent homes if they want to work and live in Tigray. Real Stae should be in the hands of locals, no foreigners as they would anipulate the market to make profits creating artifical demands by making the supply less. The land should not monopolised by family groups. It should a property of the Tigrean population to be manged by the government for fair and purposeful distribution.

Homes could be build by co-operatives, which get their profits by long term leases. Some leases could cost money as little as 10 Birr a month for the next 200 years, but would change if necessary ( Like home building in Europe- Sweden and UK, Germany).

The government or private companies could open more cement factories to provide home builders at nominal price to facilitate house construction. No cement factory should work to make profits. The government could build these factories for the purpose of building houses to meet the need of the population.

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Re: The Housing Question in Tigray, Ethiopia

Post by Degnet » 14 Apr 2019, 15:09

This was a good idea but you know the people,they are tribalists.Look at them here,a dead commedians.

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