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What Amhara Politicians Have Said About Oromo

Post by Masud » 14 Apr 2019, 01:10

What Amhara Politicians Have Said About Oromo
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Re: What Amhara Politicians Have Said About Oromo

Post by Abdelaziz » 14 Apr 2019, 01:47

Professor Aleme Eshete is the best professor Gonder ever produced. He is just honest. Arbegnaw Yeshiwas is also an honest Gonderie. But I hate the ugly and inaudible Komata midaquawa-mesay ye derg wetaderneber the wearada aqatari waragay illiterate, asraleqa Sisay Agena, who is acting as knowledgeable interviewer while doing only his typical Ye waragay aqatarinet and what we call "neger aqeTaTayinet" so as to be sowing the seeds of conflict between others. Waragays are the most coward opportunists(waragay jegna yelew, qesm yelew), they have no self-confidence, no land of their own, no firm stand on anything (almost like Meshrefet),waragays cling onto others to su"ck some leftovers. You can see why Seyum Teshome ( the wedel fa'[ deleted ] ) and Biramtu Nega (same) are li'cking Meshrefet's diaper-clad Anu'zz.

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