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To hell with Ethiopia: Tigray should disarm Eritrea and reunite it with Tigray, not Ethiopia !

Post by Democrat » 15 Mar 2019, 05:08

It has become clear the so-called wanbe Ethiopians (Amhara, Guraghe, Galla etc -are anti-Ethiopia) are not serious. They want a bit of the national coffer for their own families and friends. They are selling Our Ethiopia to foreign powers. With sweet talk, they think they can cover the crimes they have committed in the last 11 months since the overthrow of Woyane.

Tigray should disarm Eritrea and establish Greater Tigray. The current political group in Eritrea is anti-Tigray and anti-Aksumite legacies. We should disarm Eritrea and build a new Tigray Regional State or country with the name North Ethiopia. After disarming Eritrea, we can claim the parts of Tigray now under Amharas and Oromos. Guraghes, Oromos, Amharas are anti-Ethiopia as they do not have aksumite traditions and are only intrested in controlling lands that did not belong to them. For example, the Oromo or Galla no cultural or historical relation to ancient Ethiopia as they were pastoralists and warrior tribes. Now Galla or Oromo, are claiming 2/3 of Ethiopia, the Amhar are occupying land that belonged to Agew people, the Guraghe have taken land from other tribes in South Ethiopia.

Tigray, Afar and Somalis could save Africa from disintegration. Afar and Somalis have more historical relationship to Aksum through marriage. Emperor Yohannes's wife was an Afar woman, which means Tigrayans and Afar are more related by blood.

Tigrayans should take the initiative to control the Red Sea as it is much closer to Tigray and east to control from The Tigrayan High lands, specially Raya area. "Eritrea" should not be seen as a country by Tigrayans. It is a territory taken away by Menlik from Tigray and given to Itally and is by International Law still part of Tigray.