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Tidbits about the Woyanes:

Post by Benn » 15 Mar 2019, 03:54

- The Woyanes think the disintegration of Ethiopia will give them statehood (by default). Then what ? Do the Woyanes think that International community and the UN will take thier Article-39 seriously and recognize them as country ????? Don't make me laugh !!!!!

- The Woyanes also think that the disintegration of Ethiopia will weaken other Killils specially the Amharas (which the woyanes think will be at each others neck), thereby enabling Tigray to keep its looted lands.

- Do the Woyanes know that, even if Tigrayans call for Article-39 and formally get their way, Eritrea will never recognize them (and make any type of deal with them) until they vacate Eritrean territory first and until they are first formally recognized by the United Nations (don't make me laugh) !!!!

- Since 1991, the Woyanes thought that the opposition against the blundering of fertile Amhara lands will somehow go away; but it seems that they have underestimated the Amharas and over-blown their own capability. Now, the Woyanes have plunged to a never-ending squabble for territory with the 30-Million plus Amharas.