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Re: Talk to a real Rayyan: How I feel about Rayya Azebo identity?

Post by Abdelaziz » 14 Mar 2019, 23:01

I blame the dedeb weyane leaders for the quagmire in Raya, 80% of Raya is in Tigrai, but they gave away 20% of Raya to Amhara Kilil though Rayans never claimed to be Amaras. Now the 20% is claiming the 80% to join him. It is shocking injustice! The Rayans from the 20% territory left in Amara are now being used as trojan horses to destabilize the 80% Raya in Tigray. And actually the majority so-called Rayans living in Qobo today came there from Lasta, Mahalmeda-Menz specially in the last 25 years and thus are not Rayans per se. Weyane leaders are really bad for Tigray. In the1990s, they said they gave away Qobo to Amhara allegedly "because 53 percent spoke in Amharic and 47 % in Tigrigna", blah, blah. They gave away Qobo simply and did not take into consideration the fact Qobo was occupied by Wello and was surely but slowly Amharanized today. Many Amharanized places, for example those in Oromia, such as Debrezeit and Nazreth, were given to Oromia though Oromomifa speakers were minority in those towns.
And the stupid weyane leaders did the same with: 1) Tselemti 2)Tsegede3) tahtay Armacheho 4)Agew?Abergele. I would rather go back to the 14 provinces than have the curren severly Amputated Tigray.
BTW: The word Raya has nothing to do with Oromo. Raya was mentioned in ancient Axumite books, such as a book by Yared. This was almost 1000 years before Oromos Came . Tigrigna and Amharic were not also born yet. Tigrigna was noticed around 13th century, Amharic around 14 the century and Oromifa around 16th century. Raya is Geez term as in Raayna-Hatsebo ( we saw Hatsebo)… Hatsebo is the vast plain land near Axum city. The same plain Land is in Raya.. So the name of the Awraja was corrupted to Raya-ena-Azebo, which has literally no meaning on the ground.
To Some ejolie word-analysts the names azebo and asebot (in Harar) sound related but they are not really related. Some also say Raayaa means soldier ( in oromifa) but these words are partly sounding similar and even that only by coincidence.