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Can anybody in Ethiopia tell this coward,mentally retarded wedel, to learn how to interview people ?

Post by Abdelaziz » 14 Mar 2019, 22:19

This coward visibly aqatari wedel Asama is not giving Eskinder the chance to answer the stupid questions he asks him, instead he wants to answer his questons by himself, so why ask? This coward behulet bila yemibela qoshasha waragay is aqatari like biramtunega.
Is Aqatarinet waragay trait? Leboch.
Leba zerebis yehone mehal safari, setaset kene dimtsi-- anchin bilo chigir fechi/astaraqi.
He condemns the federal constitution day and night, but now he advocates for applying it for Addis.
Afretebis leba , chigaram hula, chigirachuhn weyane lay malakek amelachuh ne'w ::