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Meshrefet sacrificed Johar to please GudelaAamharu fastforward to 23:42

Post by Abdelaziz » 14 Mar 2019, 17:05

7th grade dropout Tolossa, an Oromifa-speaking talkative Kulo-GudelaAmharu hybrid, Meshrefet's top youtube/Face Book adviser/commander, publicly revealed this ominous breaking news today, but he failed to reveal it openly and/or elaborate on it as he is probably scared about the consequences to Meshrefet before all security holes are patched in order to save Meshrefet's life from inevitable retaliation By one of the 20 million fans of Johar. Obviously this is cheap shot agains Oromo nation, Meshrefet being born-traitor chose to antagonize the Queo, than not to please the selfish GudelaAmharu who are better armed than the former. The only choice Oromos have now is to arm themselves and/or to rally behind Obbo Jaal Marrooo and Obbo Jaal Dwud