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Top Meshrefet advisor /commander advises/commands Meshrefet to declare himself king, mengistu & Bokasa

Post by Abdelaziz » 14 Mar 2019, 16:44

Meshrefet has so far done whatever this Kulo-GudelaAmharu says just the next day after. We will see if he ignores his topmost advisor/commander at this times .
It is also known Meshrefet emails him this sort of secret "code" info only hours, a day, or days before he acts on them. The way he is presenting it emergently, urgently and the shrill,happy voice is proof that Meshrefet has emailed him his decision to rule as 7th king:mega-dictator, super Bokassa plus super Mengistu. This means Meshrefet had been destabilizing the country on purpose as a stratagem to get public support to declare one-man dictatorship. It is also ominous what he is saying about Johar. Meshrefet may have forced Johar to leave Ethiopia or may have arrested Johar.