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Ethiopia Snubs USA & Sends Black Box To France

Post by Bashu » 14 Mar 2019, 09:52

After Germany declined Ethiopia's request to analyze the black Box data, PM Abiy's new buddy, France's president Macron, stepped in to help. ... 09289.html

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Re: Ethiopia Snubs USA & Sends Black Box To France

Post by Horus » 14 Mar 2019, 12:04

I fully support the moves of EAL/Ethiopia.

Here is why?

Why is it that the 2 tragic accidents happen in Indonesia and Ethiopia, not any where? The controversial NASA software is definitely an experimental software that is used fully automated space craft pilots probably used in zero gravity and entirely different aerodynamic environment.

So, my guess is they are testing different versions of the software in different countries, pilots and levels of flight experience.
They know the existing failure risks and they decided to take those risks on poor countries and where people could blame these accidents on pilot incompetence etc.

There is no other explanation.

And, most of all why is this software kept secret from the pilots and denied the training on how to shut of and trouble shoot in case of problem?

So, Ethiopia was very smart because then US will manipulate the black box data and to help the manufacturers from liability.

Bravo, intelligent Ethiopians. I am proud of you !

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Re: Ethiopia Snubs USA & Sends Black Box To France

Post by gurre » 14 Mar 2019, 13:01

Ha! ha! very expected.
Post by gurre » 12 Mar 2019, 15:12

“There is no bad publicity”, as the saying goes.Ethiopia is in the news world wide and waiting for answer from Ethiopia. The hints are already uit, “nose dived max” and “flight control problems”according to the pilots. Apart from US and Canada almost the whole world grounded max.The loser is Boeing and the supposedly winner is the Franco Anglo led Airbus.
May be offering a helping hand and taking the black box to France.Everything is big business underneath.

Viva La France France for helping to restore the well known Ethiopian historical site, The Lalibela.

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