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A Collection of My Thoughts About the 737-MAX8

Post by ittuabafarda » 14 Mar 2019, 02:09

I am posting here some of my recent comments related to terrible accident I left on other websites. You get the idea.

This so-called former pilot and aviation expert said this: ‘The delay by the ‘Ethiopians’ in reading out these (black) boxes is unconscionable.’ By the Ethiopians.. Get it? This man needs to be asked to explain by what he means ‘unconscionable’. He sounds irate by the fast that it was ‘Ethiopians’ not Ethiopian Airline. Somebody needs to ask this loose lip to elaborate by what he meant ‘Ethiopians’. The official in charge of gathering all the shattered pieces and boxes was telling reporter Gutman that it will take a few days to complete this particular task. Then in the same line of the reporting Gutman went into accusing the EAL officials ‘potentially’ holding up the decision by UAL, AAL and Southwest whether to ground the model or not. Is EAL now that makes business and safety decision for the airlines in the US? These individuals are pushing and rushing you into making uneducated guess. They want to trip you into insurmountable fallacy. The official was right that he has to make sure that every piece of the shattered craft is collected properly and as thoroughly as possible. They rush you so you will end up saying things that are wrong and then they will run with it. For me there must be something that these US airlines know they have ‘it’ that this demised aircraft did not.
Victory No.1 for EAL!!! President Trump has ordered the grounding of all MAX 8’s. How do you like that Mr. So-Called expert Steve?!!! If I were Boeing I will start giving it a serious thought about putting aside a mother of all fat checks in its bank account. And this secretary of transportation! What a tone deaf!!! Dear Countrymen! The same model just dropped from sky giving the pilots not sufficient time or stabilizing moment to bring it back under control. I have been following the accident history of EAL for decades and had a chance to fly it once decades ago. Even then the service was up to par with any other western airlines I flew in. Once I had the chance to fly Sudanese Airline. I am not sure if it has gone belly up since then which does not surprise me. I tried to use the washroom and it was so filthy that I changed my mind and waited until my destination. I mean filthy. The stench was unbearable. But EAL was like a well tended resort. And the smiles you get from the angelic hostesses made you doubting if you are in heaven, man!!! Above all the timely takeoff and arrival were at par with the best. When you and I hear the ever success of EAL over the years that was not possible because the world of travelers was doing it favors but because it was a well and rightfully earned achievement.

I hope I am wrong or I will be proven wrong but I smell rat about what might have taken place between UAL, AAL, Southwest and Boeing. After two planes of the same model just dropped from the sky in just a mere span of 5 months with similarities, what was it that made the CEO’s of these airlines so ‘over confident’ to thumb their noses on everyone calling for the grounding? I am telling you, I don’t really know how Boeing is gonna come of this clean!!!