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How Europe tricked Ethiopia to stop mass migration of Eritreansto Europe!

Post by Democrat » 10 Feb 2019, 13:22

The Ethiopia Eritrea Peace Deal aims to decreas the mass migration of Eritreans to Europe by allowing Eritreans to migarate to Ethiopia. For the time being, the plan seems to have worked. Europe is not fighting against boat people from Africa.

Ethiopia might not be able to meet the needs of migrants from neighbouring countries as it's economy is underdeveloped and has a large population in abject poverty. Ethiopia has the poorest infra structure in Africa. Countries like Kenya, Uganda, North Sudan have better capacity to accomodate more people in need. The European Union should review it's policy and support Ethiopians to develop their economy first. Migration of large number of people from Eritrea and South Sudan should be fairly distributed accross the neighbouring african countries.