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Ethiopians should stop The Eritrean Virus !

Post by Democrat » 10 Feb 2019, 12:58

Unfortunately The Eritrean Virus is spreading fast in Ethiopia. Ethnic tension is rising. Eritrean trained groups like Ginbot 7 are carrying out their subversive activity against Ethiopians. OLF(Oromo Liberation Front) is also carrying out uncessary war of destruction against Sidamas, Wolaita, Guraghe, Somali and other ethnic groups.

Eritrea hopes the tribal war in Ethiopia to continue. Eritrea denies having trained and support anti-Ethiopia and anit-Somalia groups. Due the fear of mass immigration, Europe has kept silent and does not want to arrest issayas Afeworki, the mad man in Asmara.

The question will be how do we stop the Eritrean Virus from killing Ethiopians? The Alegier's Agreement should be binding and the boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea should be delimited as per 1996 Wuchale Treaty. We should close the borederbetween Ethiopia and Eritrea. Work permits could be given to Eritreans who want to work in Ethiopia. But no Eritrean should be allowed to live in Ethiopia as if Ethiopia is a place where criminals and bandas can come and go as they want. Ethiopia should not be easy to go into for Eritrean or for any other refugees. Ethiopia has a larg number of people who are poor and would to help it's own citizens first.