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Amharic is more related to Arabic

Post by Democrat » 09 Feb 2019, 21:20

Amharic is an ancient language. It could be more ancient than Tigrigna. Amharic is similar to Arabic. I think the Amhara migrated from Southern Arabia to North Ethiopia and founded the pre-aksumite and aksumite civilisation. This has been the official interpretation of Ethiopian History as told by Ethiopian Governments.

Some Amhara people migrated to South Ethiopia and Settled in Shoa around Menze & Tigulet area. But they spread also to Bale, Wollega and Gojamme. Tigrayans might have settled In North Gondar together with Kemant people.

Aksum is an Ethiopian legacy (not only Tigrayan). The Amhara have also a key role in the creation of The aksumite Empire. More research is necessary about Aksum. Were the people Tigrayans or where they Amhara and other tribes too? We have to answer this question by carrying out more research. Tigray's claim of Aksum as it's sole legacy is unfounded to say the least. There were other tribes who played a key role in creating Aksum.