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The Ghion Manifesto

Post by teodroseIII » 09 Feb 2019, 20:23

This is a special message I am sending to the longtime readers of the Ghion Journal and to the new visitors who are flocking to our website. First and foremost, thank you for entrusting to present analysis of news and current events. We take our role very seriously; we know that our words and our assessments have profound impacts on a large number of people who have come to depend on our fair-minded and independent articles to deconstruct the lies of the establishment.

I want to take this occasion to tell you from whence we’ve come and where we are heading. Twenty-six months ago, the Ghion Journal was nothing more than a vision, a dream of what could be if news and information was shared not through identities or ideologies but through our commonalities. Betty Beke and I launched the website with little resources but big aspirations. We thought it was possible to forsake corporations and depend on people who share our zeal for journalism and truth-seeking empower us.

However, our decision presented a two fold challenge:

the broader public is hesitant to accept a news source if it is not blessed by the establishment
my own reticence of asking people to contribute financially.
I will be very honest, it took me a long time to get to the point where I felt comfortable enough to ask people to contribute to the Ghion Journal. I was conflicted for the longest time, how can I at once rage against the vices of capitalism while eating its fruits. There is a reason why we don’t take corporate contributions or sell ad space. However, no matter how pure our ...continued...

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