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Oromo’s Best Formula: Occupy Finfinne (Smallest Oromia) to Even Own Africa (Greatest Oromia)!

Post by OPFist » 08 Feb 2019, 13:57

Oromo’s Best Formula: Occupy Finfinne (Smallest Oromia) to Even Own Africa (Greatest Oromia)!

Nowadays, an interesting Finfinne vs Addisaba dispute between Oromo and Amhara activists is going on. I thought the Oromo are liberated to decide also on our capital city – Finfinne. Now, neither Amhara nor Tegaru elites have power in Caffee Araara palace to hinder the Oromo from applying our plan. Unless otherwise ODP (the party in power) is pro Abesha and anti Oromo. Why should Oromo activists now fight against the Amharas over Finfinne, instead of just implementing the emancipation plan of the whole Oromia, including Finfinne? I thought that the move and speech of Dr. Abiy during his visit to the Horn of African countries showed that his vision is to liberate Finfinne from non-Oromo occupation forces and foster an economic and political integration of the Horn (Greater Oromia) in particular and that of Africa (Greatest Oromia) in General. It seems, the Oromo is yet to struggle for liberation of Finfinne against the ruling party – ODP. After freedom of Finfinne, appart from African federation (Greatest Oromia) with its political capital – Finfinne, we can have the following layers of Oromia to be administrated from its core – Finfinne.

1. – Greater Oromia = Cushitic Ethiopia: Ob Leenco Lataa is advocator of an integrated Horn of Africa as a common home, being concious that the real Oromia includes all areas, where the Oromo live, in that region. Realizing this Oromia may be Oromo’s far future politics of higher confidence.

2. – Great Oromia = New Ethiopia: Dr Marara Gudina strives to consolidate the whole Ethiopia as a wide home of the Oromo, where Oromo culture and language will prevail without any discrimination and marginalization. We can have this politics of high confidence in the near future.

3. – Intermediate Oromia: Ob Galasa is determined to librate this map of Oromia as separate country of the Oromo. This seems to reflect our politics of intermediate confidence at the present.

4. – Small Oromia = OLF’s Oromia: Ob Dawud’s Oromia is what most of Oromo nationalists seem to accept as legitimate land of the Oromo for self-rule. But, how long should we entertain this politics of low confidence, which we had in the near past.

5. – Smaller Oromia = ODP’s Oromia: whether he believes in this map or not, the current Oromia governed by Ob Lammaa is smaller than that of the others. Are we ready to live with this politics of lower confidence belonging to the far past?

Now, the important question to be answered is that how can Finfinne be liberated totally and for which layer of Oromia should the Oromo struggle? I thought that Dr. Abiy is even for the realization of Greatest Oromia as the outer most layer (African Federal Government) being administered from its capital Finfinne (Smallest Oromia as the seed core). But, unfortunatelly, we are still not sure if Finfinne can be declared as Oromo’s citiy by the ruling ODP. This is really disappointing! The best motto of Oromo politics should be to liberate and own the smallest Oromia (i.e Finfinne) in order to transform and use all the layers including the greatest Oromia (i.e Africa)! Is ODP against such Oromo move? Why should the Oromo still struggle to emancipate Finfinne, where there is neither Amhara domination nor Tegaur rule? Is ODP doing proxy hegemony of Abyssinian elites? Are we really liberated or still under opperation with only window dressing of Caffee Araara (ODP continuing Oromo suppression job of the Abesha)? I wish to see Dr. Abiy as liberator of the Oromo and that he tries to re-Oromize Finfinne, which will radiate its light of Oromummaa at all layers of Oromia (Gadaa Oromia, Great Oromia, Greater Oromia, Greatest Oromia & Global Oromia/the world)! Otherwise, aluta continua (the struggle for total liberation of the Oromo and Oromia including Finfinne will go on)!