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Ethiopian gun rights: The worst in history

Post by MRed » 12 Jan 2019, 04:59

You have to be 35 years old! WTF
You have to pay 5k Birr every year to renew it.
You have to get a permit from locals police.
You have to go to the doctor so, that you can be evaluated.

These garbage policies need to be thrown out. The country needs real gun reforms.

This is how it must be done.

1. Universal background checks
2. Anyone who's 18 and hasn't committed a crime with minimum of 5 years in jail can own a gun.
3. Digitalize criminal data.

Start fingerprinting all Ethiopians and please rank crimes. Like In America we have what's called misdemeanor and felony and Ethiopia needs to rank Crimea into 3 categories.

1. Small Crimea like stealing = You can own guns
2. Stealing with a weapon = You can't own a gun for 10 years
3. You killed someone = You can never own a gun.