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“አበበ በሶ በላ ...”

Post by Revelations » 11 Jan 2019, 16:34

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Re: “አበበ በሶ በላ ...”

Post by Masud » 12 Jan 2019, 01:38

Bad recording! The background music is noisy to to clearly hear the poem.
Anyways, let Abebe continue eating his Besso, let Challa continue holding his Chube, and let Chebudie continue washing his Tasa util the time comes when three of them agree up on what they can do together. These three have been representatives and models for students in the past and may continue models for some time in the future. Abebe refused to return the Besso he took, Challa refused to drop his Chube, and Chebudie is using his Tasa as a megaphone to disturb both. You know what I mean!

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