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Re: መከላከያ አልታደሰም

Post by yaballo » 12 Jan 2019, 00:21


Thanks. Amharas are not the only ones who are very angry & are claiming that PM Abiy's claim that TPLF's army - agazi - is today "a reformed army that has earned the right to call itself an Ethiopian army" [dinqem!] is his own delusions at least & a criminal statement at best.

In the following clip, the Borana-Oromo people & hundreds of injured civilians in recent massacres that took place in Moyale town emphatically sate that: "IT IS A COMPLETE MISTAKE TO CALL THE SAME TPLF-DOMINATED ARMY, AN ETHIOPIAN ARMY .. IT SHOULD BE CALLED TPLF/EHADEG'S ARMY JUST LIKE BEFORE!".

This long-held view was re-emphasised even more strongly since Dr. Abiy came to power via routine incidents where the so called 'Ethiopian army' based near Moyale not only assisted the Somali Liyu Police & other armed Somali thugs in massacring the Borana-Oromo & civilians of other ethnic groups living in Moyale town, but the army units themselves massacred more than 50 civilians in that area during the same attack.

Those interviewed, including top government officials & doctors at Yaballo hospital where many of the injured are being cared for under terrible circumstances, stated that "BORANAS WILL NEVER CALL THE CURRENT ARMY AN ETHIOPIAN ARMY BUT THE SAME OLD & MURDEROUS TPLF SHIFTA THUGS"!

PS: unfortunately, the clip is all in Afaan Oromoo [Borana] & hopefully there will soon be a translated version of the same.

Hence, Dr Abiy & his regime are losing the trust of the people & control over the country faster than any other regimes in Ethiopian history!

video: "Turtii Madoole Wajjiin Godina Boorana Aana Yaaballoo Hospitaala yaabaloot taasifame" ... 506200538/

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Re: መከላከያ አልታደሰም

Post by Ethoash » 12 Jan 2019, 03:43


did መከላከያ killed the victim. while the victim at home...minding his own business...or the victim was interfering with fed business ..was the victim was committing crime stopping personal at transit.. effort OWNED TRACK have a right in any part of Ethiopia any one who interfere with YOUR OWN RISK... innocent victim are those killed at their home... if fed, tell u to stop u question ask. hopefully this idiot will not block the road again

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