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The protagonist vs antagonist game?? Sneaky Deqi-arayit + Missraq

Post by Hazega/Tsazega. » 11 Jan 2019, 03:11

The protagonist vs antagonist game?? Sneaky Deqi-arayit + Missraq

These sneaky rats & their farmhands [kerenite, eden, awash, ethiopian(having flash backs :lol:)] opening or participating in polarizing articles intended to cause conflict between eritreans & ethiopians.

First why did Deqi bring nonsense arguments about a unknown/powerless individual and then he throws a sideways/ashmur/twey-y insult of tere sega eaters...forgive him, he has sensitivities towards his tehlo/ambeta eating cousins (on the woyane side). Then Missraq finds a theiving opportunity to insult eritreans as if "he/she" represents a broad consenus of ethiopians or backing for such insults. Then you have the circle jerk of woyanistas (kerenite/awash/etc) getting off on this theatrical/staged minor issue. Pure woyane divisive fukry at its finest, making a mountain out of an ant hill!!

Given the recent events, maybe all these characters are feeling the squeeze on their woyane land/cousins and are looking for diversions??

In any event, the majority of eritreans/ethiopians welcome the new changes that the leaders are ethiopians can have a thousand public debates on it and eritreans none...but none of us know the inner workings as Mesfin Hagos has said nor does Abiy say there are any secret agreements. The question is do you trust these pan-africanist leaders trying to mobilize/empower the region for the benefit of all the nations/people of the horn ?...will you give them a helping hand or stifle their aspiration & that of the possible millions that support them?

In the interview clip/link below (courtesy of awash, yuk/tuf) only has to watch the poor wife of the interviewed man...she has had to put up with his nonsense for years/decades but her face/body language is protesting. In what religion is this "tembetem ale"? What revelations is this? Hopefully its eritreans ruling over him & his vision of ethiopia for a the point of coming into his house & drinking/eating out of his fridge without asking...he shouldn't have a problem with it since an'd akalnen. As far as his insults on woyane, i would say yieshi getai :lol: These are just some of the comical response i would have for him and the minority with similar far as i know the majority of ethiopians are looking to the future & respectful/mutual/equal co-operation and most of the new young generation doesn't have the hangups of its predecessors concerning eritrea(ns). You only have to see the warm receptions Abiy/Isayas recieved & both flags being waved to be reminded of the new generation!

(Courtesy of sneaky awash...who is this tesfatunes group?..why did they chop up the interview at 1 minute mark?) ... Jc_TkqZNsI

[Video] ... Jc_TkqZNsI[/video]

Shot out to: info, gadaa2, Zmeselo, Hawzen, and others for trying to interject sense before divisive arguments flared up.