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Help MRed build a private University: Amesa University in Addis Ababa

Post by MRed » 10 Jan 2019, 06:57

I want to build a huge modern university that's known to be the greatest in all of Africa. It will be called "Amesa University."

Student capacity: 45k
Area of study we are best known for: STEMs.

The design.

What we will have?

We will have a soccer team
We will have a stadium
We will have a basketball team
In door gym like all modern university
We will have modern dorm
We will have a university with two high skyscrapers with 6 mixed used buildings surrounding it.
We will have multiple campus and one in Adama also.

Invest in the future, invest in Amesa University. I'm asking for investments from all of the disapora.

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