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Don't ever corner TPLF or else thousands will die

Post by MRed » 10 Jan 2019, 03:03

Idiots like Abiyot and his likes think that they can kill off TPLF one by one but that will never work. You idiots don't understand TPLF, if you corner this political party then expect them to gather support in Tigray through propaganda and attacks. TPLF can go tomorrow bomb Mekelle and blame it on Eritreans and Abiyot. Believe me when I say this, many angry Tigrayans will join TPLF and the 3rd Woyane will start.

The only sure way to beat TPLF is an all out war through a surprise attack. I beg you worthless Facebook politicians to stop playing games with TPLF if you ain't serious about going in the battlefield. That is why Daniel Berhane said "there is never game over for TPLF." TPLF will not die till all of Tigray is under the forces of Ethiopia.

Right now TPLF is safe in Tigray, TPLF will not be beat till it's wiped.

TPLF has the power to start an all out war with Eritrea and get ENDF involved once again before they leave. All the Tigrayans need to do is cross to Eritrean border and fire on Eritrean soldiers and retreat back to Tigray and let Eritrean soldiers enter Tigrayan soil. You will see how these 6 million brave warriors can turn their enemies against each other.

TPLF is alive
TPLF is regrouping
TPLF is coming back