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Good start mister Prime minister. What you did today in western Gondar brings us Tigraians one step closer to you again.

Post by Mahlana » 09 Jan 2019, 19:42

This is what I had told the prime minister the other day:
The Prime Minister Could Win Tigraians Hearts Back Again In A Fraction Of A Second If:

1. He orders his media machine ( including his social media dogs) to stop demonizing Tigraians or at least to tone down and to stop selective justice on former officials and business people and free innocent hard working industrialists and extraordinary experts like General Kinfe et al.
2. He tells the mad dogs in Amhara region to just respect the law of the land and to stop looting Tigrai properties ( robbing vehicles, blocking roads, displacing people e.t.c)
As simple as that!!

NB: His election was not as most welcomed nowhere else as in Tigrai. For reasons Tigrai will never clearly understand, he himself started weird attacks on Tigrai and its values. It was/is not necessary at all. Why would you lose your most fervent supporters for no apparent reason?!?!
It seems that he started acting on it. Today, he made a big, brave move in western Gondar to save Tigraian properties from being ransacked by the mad General aka Asamnew Tsigie and his dogs. The PM started respondung to the request number 2 above swiftly.
Thank you Mr. prime minister. It was a brave move. Please keep doing so.