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Cursed-Land-Tigray Make Demands 2 Eritrea & Ethiopia As If They R Independent State!!! WHAT A CONFUSED PPL !!!

Post by tarik » 09 Jan 2019, 12:54

Request that undermines and rejects The Algiers Agreement and Border Demarcation Ruling? All forums, dialogues, discussions should lead to unconditional implementation of the above...the sooner the Tigrai elite and TPLF realize the above, the sooner we can get to other important projects...

Requests from Tigray on Eritrea issues should be the following:
Dimtsi Weyane January 9/2019
[Recommendations by Dr. Mehari Tadelle]

1. Ethiopian government needs to announce the agreement signed with Eritrea for the sake of transparency;

2. Ethiopian government needs to urgently convene and facilitate national and local level consultation forums where all stakeholders could be engaged on a roadmap for sustainable peace with Eritrea;

3. Eritrea needs to declare and sign Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities against Ethiopia including Tigray,

4. Tigray regional state should be allowed to urgently convene and facilitate consultations with Eritrea between populations in both sides and exchange of visits in the border areas;

5. Ethiopian government should negotiate on a long-term Sustainable Peace and Mutual Development Treaty that addressed all outstanding issues and provide short, medium and long-term vision for peaceful coexistence and cooperation between the two countries;

6. Only after a Treaty is signed ensure a complete demilitarization of the border areas;

7. In practice, regional States have been, and if not the lead, in joint bilateral border commission meeting between Ethiopia and its neighboring countries, similarly Afar and Tigray regional states need to be consulted and fully engaged in any agreement