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Is it the Shire water, food, soil or air two leaders of Tigray from shire for the first time & both do not have brain???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 08 Jan 2019, 21:58

I know Deqi shire may not like what I am saying but your representative of the whole Tigray are shaming without blink of eyes even the enemies are stun by their decision making and the way they present themselves, the way they pretend and everyone is fooling them like they do not exist.

Just asking like very stranger as I did not grow up in Tigray and do not have Meqere Tigray like complete stranger where did Debretsion and Seare Likbtna come from, are you all the same like them or those two totally odd people no trace of Tigray value and character???

Who are their parents and how did they raise them up to be this way, the time we are in is life and death for Tigray future generations to come yet Tigray to be led by two totally brain dead people???

One in Mekelle could not talk properly and does not think anything and any kid can fool him. The other is in Addis Ababa became the shame of Tigray and he is forgotten and others taking matters in their own hands and they bypass him making decisions, what the hell is doing their if he can not talk, make decision and cannot control what is going on against Tigray???

Are all Wayne members worst than them to elect dead man walking to defend you, what do you see from them now and what are your expectations from those frozen brain now and in the future???