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Re: The case why TPLF, OLF et al. Should reject ethnic federalism

Post by Portlandia » 08 Jan 2019, 13:03

eden wrote:
04 Jan 2019, 19:06
The questions are:
  • What do you do with, say, Amaras who live in Oromia.They have their own Region like few others but they live elsewhere
  • What do you do with, say, Siltes who live in Oromia.They don't have their own Region. Same for 70 + groups.
  • Some Regions' areas have majority "non natives" Does minorty get to rule majority? I hear this is the case in Harrar and Diredawa.
Ethoash wrote:
04 Jan 2019, 12:07
eden wrote:
03 Jan 2019, 19:44

self determination could be a never ending cascade that leads to never ending fragmentation. These ethnic groups don't live together in their respective area. they live inter mixed.

territorial federation is the way so both majority and minority have equal access to the resources of the mother land.
self determination is the glue that hold us together.. just because u buy life insurance u dont kill yourself... just because u have divorce right u dont divorce your it is self determination is counter-intuitive ... if we dont have it we break away if we have it we stay together knowing if it doesn't work we will apart .. self determination also is not break away .. it is governing your own region so what is wrong governing your own region .. self determination is like independent without breaking away the country.. for example if u committed crime and run away from TX TO NY the TX CANT FOLLOW TO TX AND ARREST YOU IN NY.. THEY STOP at their border and tell the NY POLICE TO ARREST. U IN USA each and every state is an independent nation connected by fed. system ... they enjoy every independent nation that they enjoy but they r one country.. how could i explain

let take oromia they will have their own flag, language everything that Eritrea as nation enjoy but oromia is connected with Amhara and golden with fed. government at state government level they r totally an independent nation so now why in hell they going to break away if they r already break away nation and enjoy what Eritrea enjoy as independent nation
I dont mind dropping ethnic federalism if Amhara state leaves the union with its half breed cousins wolega shewa etc. If these toxic entities can leave us in peace then unity I would support. Harar state is none of your business, keep it out of your mouth.

Naga Tuma
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Re: The case why TPLF, OLF et al. Should reject ethnic federalism

Post by Naga Tuma » 08 Jan 2019, 15:29

Ethoash wrote:
06 Jan 2019, 03:08

fed. system is not a prefect system it have a lot of problem but it is the best we have and tested for last 400 years ... so we dont have to reinvent the wheel constitution already invented all we have to do is follow USA system the best we can..
I am not sure if this important debate is another debate out of which you are getting a joy. የዘንድሮ አራዳ የተባልክ የድሮ ጨዋ ነህ ወይስ ዘንድሮ አራዳ መባል የፈለክ የድሮ ጨዋ ነህ?

There is a difference between rational reasoning and random imagination or random mental generation. Administrative fed and ethnic fed are entirely different things.

Which one have you been imagining randomly as the best we have? In other words, how did you reach the conclusion that whichever type you have been imagining is the best we have?

If I am not mistaken, ዘመነ መሳፍንት was within your time frame of last 400 years, as was the rise of Atse Tewdoros II as an antithesis to it. Adwa was also in the same time frame as was the scramble for Africa.

Those who colonized America didn't create states like Britania, Francia, Germania, Greecia, Irishia, Italia, Norwegia, Portugia, Spania, Scotia, Sweedia, and so on, in alphabetical order. That would have been a random mental generation for a political community.

Even if they didn't have the best knowledge or enlightenment for their time, the students of Socrates, Plato, Democracy, Enlightenment, and Renaissance new better in their experimentation with federalism, which some argue they borrowed from the natives whose land they conquered.

Whatever fed you have been imagining, you may have been imagining it as the only way to address idea and identity. Granted the two may not be mutually exclusive and neither may be a hindrance to good governance or a good government for a political community, haven't you imagined something better than what you already consider the best? በቤትዎም ሆነ በመንግስትዎ መስሪያ ቤት በመረጡት ቓንቁዋ የመጠቀም መብትዎ የተከበረ ነዉ። How isn't that better than your Article 39 for a political community?

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Re: The case why TPLF, OLF et al. Should reject ethnic federalism

Post by Ethoash » 09 Jan 2019, 03:44

Naga Tuma wrote:
08 Jan 2019, 15:29
Ethoash wrote:
06 Jan 2019, 03:08
for Africa.
Administrative fed and ethnic fed are entirely different things.
i like Administrative fed ... now tell us wise one what language each Administrative region going to use. pls give exampe

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