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tigraionline happy to see oromo's divided

Post by ze_shewa » 06 Dec 2018, 11:39

New fresh demonstrations erupted in Oromia state and Oromo activists denounce Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. You have to listen to what the Oromo activist Ggege Kiya has said about Dr. Abiy Ahmed. ... romia.html

The TPLF are hoping to see the oromo divided between OLF vs Abiy/Lemma! Be aware of your enemy's dark desire to subject and divide you into petty clans and village politics

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Re: tigraionline happy to see oromo's divided

Post by Zack » 06 Dec 2018, 11:55

Half of the gallas don't like olf
Most tigrayans don't like olf.
The vast majority of amhara detest olf.
nothing new dear lad

Dr Zackovich

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Re: tigraionline happy to see oromo's divided

Post by DefendTheTruth » 06 Dec 2018, 16:52


I remember a conversation I had with someone from a foreign country before many years. I think the only politics that I understood at that time was about echoing what I had heard somewhere else and I still vividely remember telling the guy (conversation partner) about "my people are subjugated and oppressed in the hands of a minority while being a majority", I think I heard this mantra from the mouth pieces of the OLF.

My conversation partner asked me about "how big are your people and those who are (allegedly) oppressing them"?

I told him my side is around 40% while those in power are just around 6%. My conversation partner simply looked at me and said "your people must be very weak people, in conclusion." I think I was not in a position to refute his allegation and the conversation was cut short with that, my conversation partner was also no more interested in any further discussion about this topic.

TPLF shouldn't have been in a position to divide "us" if we ourselves were not weak.

Those weaknesses are open for every observer out there to see for him/herself. If you are weak, then not only TPLF or Tigray-Online but anybody else can weaken you further and divide you into many "petty clans" and I wouldn't wonder if it may happen again.

I am afraid that this will going to happen because many, if not all, Oromo political organisations are very weak.

They come together and play the same old narrative and make political statements "we are united" but if you pause and ask them united on what? The answer you get depends whom you ask.

If you don't have a united goal, then how on earth can you talk about unity? Is there any unity without a clear and common objective for all the parties of the endless declaration of "unities"?

In my view the first and formost step should have been ironing out what is the common goal and then declare the "unity".

አራምባና ቆቦ ላይ ቆሞ ስላ አንድነት ማውራት ከልጅ ጨወታ ብዙም አይለይም፣ እና ከልጅ ጨወታ ብዙም አንጠብቅም.

The interest of Ethiopia and its great people will be defended and safeguarded by the true sons and daughters of this great nation, in my view.

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Re: tigraionline happy to see oromo's divided

Post by eden » 06 Dec 2018, 17:22


They are supporting OLF over OPDO because they perceive OPDO would compromise Ethnic federalism. They used to choose OPDO over OLF because they perceived OLF would break Oromia away from Ethiopia. I don't think they are wishing to see Oromos divided or weakened.

Your fanaticism is getting in the way of your understanding. Those folks are just looking for partners with common views. That is human nature.

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