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Possible solution to kilil-mania sweeping Ethiopia: you want a kilil for your tribe? Then, you pay for it!

Post by yaballo » 05 Dec 2018, 23:59

Poor Ethiopia :oops: ...

A major problem with all this kililmania owes to a grossly misplaced sense of entitlement that tribal elites have to claim an equal share of Ethiopia's tax revenue for their own tribe or region.

Of course, there is nothing to suggest that it occurs to the so called elites running Addis Ababa-based central government to LINK the right to demand a 'kilil' with the obligation/duty of a tribe to raise the taxes/revenue with which to run its own kilil.

As things are today, tribal elites can wake-up in the morning & demand to have their own kilil in a bid to demand "their god-given share" from the national pie of revenue, even when the contribution of their tribe or region to Ethiopia's annual tax revenue could easily be negligible or, even, zero birr. All this jazz & hoyahoye to have a kilil is based on a ridiculous & unsustainable sense of entitlement to a tax revenue often raised in other parts of Ethiopia or by other tribes!

Can you imagine kilil banda's [Tigray] viability to exist as a kilil if all those power-inebriated, incredibly arrogant & full-of-themselves members of the banda tribe are made to pay taxes to run their own kilil? :lol:

Bandalandia/Tigray will be the FIRST kilil to collapse if the right to form a kilil is LINKED to the obligation of raising their own taxes to run their own kilil.

Had the central/federal government of Ethiopia started asking simple questions such as:

(1) Do you want to keep your kilil's special police forces? Great! Then, members of YOUR own tribe MUST pay their wages/salaries.

(2) Do you want your tribe's language to be the language of schooling & bureaucracy? Fantastic. But, members of YOUR own tribe must pay the wages of their teachers & bureaucrats, etc.

Then, sit & wait how many tribes ask to have their own kilil! .. Waiting ... waiting ..waiting for kilil applications. NADA! :mrgreen:

photo: troubled & burdened poor Ethiopia ...