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All the biher-bihereseboch are marching from Tigray to Addis where Ejolies will sing in Tigrigna & Tigreans in Oromia.

Post by minilikze3rd » 05 Dec 2018, 14:30

But I'm saddened to see the weyane riffraff are trapped by "Medemer" and are involved in stabilizing the faltering Mafia group led by Abiyot Madiat and his GudelaAmharru masters. Even the fake president and so-called religious leaders are having peace conference in Tigray, the only place that has peace in the entire cursed country, I hate this Amharic TV program, it is not a nationalist group. These idiots are trying to protect their wealth and do not care about the fact Ethiopia is not a viable country and muat be dissolved ASAP. Why save a dead country than bury it 6 feet under. They even talk about what the fa'got, fake galla Attorney General named Birhanu Tsegaye says about his blackmailing of Benishangul Kilil officials. He is using weyane military muscle to arrest Benishangul nationalists defending themselves from GudelaAmharru expansionists.