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Gulale Post: A Tribute To Anicient People of Shawa - The Galan People !!!

Post by Horus » 05 Dec 2018, 04:00

I just heard that there is now a medium called Gulale Post established recently. Personally, I don't care who created the entity and for what reason. I am interested in the name 'Gulale' and its relationship with an important ancient people of historical Shawa and its roots.

Currently, the medieval and pre-medieval origins of Shawa Region is being discovered in many direction - historical, anthropological, archeological, etc. In connection to these activities, we have learned about the ancient people of Gelan (?-1600s AD) who were one of the founders of Shawa and who later were dislocated, forced, assimilated and Oromized. These people actually resided in and around current City of Addis Abeba.

In fact in the geography of Addis Abeba, their historical traces are to be found in Gelan, Gelan Gura, Bole Bulbula, Yaka, Gulale, Selale, the whole mountain rage of Wachacha, Wanch, Bacho, and etc. My purpose today is not to argue a large issue. I simply want to provide some names, words, term, and roots related Gulale.

What is Gulale? What does it mean? From what kind language does Gulale originate? Which people use the word gulale today in their living language.

Gulale is a two part word - the first part indicative of place and the second part indicative of direction. Gulale means primarily an upper land, north, highland, hill, or mountain. Gu/ge refers to place or land or ager. Lale refers to Lai. lay, upper, north, mountain or highland. That is all.

Gulale shares notions with Gagara (mountain, Gelala (laybet), wachacha (mountain of kingd, chacha means Geta), Antoto (same as Anchocho) which is mountain of kinds. These are ancient Semitic and Sanskrit words.

The relatives of the Gelan people, the Gurages provides 100s of related words for linguistic evidence for the origin and meaning of Gulala.

Here they are at random... the one's I can think of off my head...
1. Guna - Ras
2. Gun-gun -head dress
3. Gura - head
4. Gera - Gead
5. Gunana - Kastana Guragegn - Head
6. Gelale - Bete North, North-ge
7. Gelan - people of the Lalege or North (as we speak, Kastana calls the Jeda people Lalegae - northern people)

8. Gulelat - the head of Church building, name of person, Ras, Head. Hence Gulelat is exactly Gulale.
9. Akilil.
10. Tekilil
11. Genana - High, Genana (Amaharic is exactly Gunana' in Guragegn)
11. Selale (Gelale -k/s shift consult linguist)

12. Hence ---- Gelane (Gelan). The shift N/L.R - folks can ask linguist how that so common. For example some Gurages call Maskal, Maskar, others call it Maskan- Cross.

So my point is this. It is a good thing that an Oromo medium called Gulale Post created. The foundation people, the forefathers of Gurage, the ancient Maskal people, the worshippers of Sanda Kiristina -Karoge will be preserved.

I will return next time with the roots of Yaka (not Yeka). Kare Yehun !!!!